PreOkupied 4-Pack of 8.5 Inch Personal Perforated Pizza Pans, Dark Gray Carbon Steel with Nonstick Coating, Including 2 Black Pan Scrapers

PreOkupied 4-Pack of 8.5 Inch Personal Perforated Pizza Pans, Dark Gray Carbon Steel with Nonstick Coating, Including 2 Black Pan Scrapers

Price: $19.99

Attention All Pizza Lovers!
With our personal 8.5 inch pizza pans, you can host the most Epic Pizza Party every. Grab several pizza dough kits to make your own homemade crusts or create some healthier options such as a Cauliflower crust. Provide all the best Pizza toppings so each guest can make their unique custom pizza. Whether you’re a fan of pepperoni, sausage, bacon, peppers, mushroom, onions, veggies, or triple cheese you can always find a combination that works for just about everyone. Nothing better than a delicious, stress free meal that satisfies. Kids pizza parties are also perfect for our Individual Pizza pans. Kiddos love to create their own pizza plate and happily will choose their own ingredients. During the week A Pizza Bar is a wonderful way to get the family together and your children involved with making dinner. These Mini Pizza Pan Sets work great inside the toaster oven for your quick frozen pizza fix or to reheat leftover slices. Our little pans are awesome to crisp up just about anything.

Commercial-Grade Quality!
Our pizza pan is a dark, sturdy, commercial-grade pan designed to absorb heat quickly and evenly to make the perfect crispy pizza crust. The pan is perforated to help evenly cook crusts, allowing air to circulate for just-right results each time. Our pans are oven-safe for up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The nonstick layers provide a durable finish, as well as keep your pizza from sticking.

Meet Your Favorite Pan Scraper!
Our scrapers are designed to safely scrape any cookware surface clean without scratching and it removes stubborn, baked-on messes. It can also be used to scrape that gunk that builds up in the cracks along sinks, counter tops, and stoves. Also, great for scraping ice buildup on windshields. Keep one in the car for the winter. Durable but light weight.

4-pack of 8.5 Inch Mini Nonstick Pizza Crisper Trays with Holes and 2 Durable Polypropylene Pan Scrapers, perfect for Pizza Party or Pizza Bar
Commercial professional quality heavy-gauge carbon steel core with superior heat conduction properties makes the pan sturdy, while evenly distributing heat and eliminating underdone or overcooked spots
Reinforced nonstick coating provides easy release of your pizza pies from the screen and simplifies cleaning
Specially designed perforated holes allow oven heat to penetrate the center of baked goods evenly to give homemade or store-bought frozen pizzas a perfectly cooked crust each time
Dimensions of a single pan are 8.5″ round and can fit in a toaster oven