Python programming: The ultimate guide to learn Python language fundamentals, tips, tricks, exercises in a simple crash course

Python programming: The ultimate guide to learn Python language fundamentals, tips, tricks, exercises in a simple crash course


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The goal of this book is to master your Python programming skills and to get out-of-box knowledge as well. The modern key concepts along with the advanced portion of Python programming language can easily build mastery and expertise. From example practices to advanced tasks, learn how the conditional statements and different variety functions can work out and make difference to choose which functions and statements you should use in your program. Also, learn to draw structures and designs by encoding a program with interesting codes. It makes a program interactive when it is asked for user input, as well as, use types of lists and classes in many different ways to program lengthy codes into simpler and shorter lines. Get to know about the most popular Python frameworks, are introduced and described briefly to make application development easier and more efficient. A brief comparison of Python language with other programming languages can help you choose the right language. Furthermore, find how the Python language is following the uptrend in today’s market and breaking the traditional market of other programming languages. Find how Python programming language is the most sought and necessary requirement for jobs. Readers will get surprised why Python is the best of choice of today’s programmers and is the industry trend. Most startups and growing businesses online are using Python language to program their websites and applications. The reason behind the popularity of Python programming language is due to its features and added functionalities from old versions to updated ones. Get to know about the evolution of Python language from version to version, and decide which version is best for your project or any simple task.


Who is this book for?

This book is designed for programmers to learn more about Python language and master programming skills while developing a foundation that will serve them for the rest of life. Programmers of any age either beginners or experienced ones can benefit from this book. Furthermore, programmers can come up with new concepts which are briefly described in this book on advanced level especially the condition statements and functions. Programmers are encouraged to use the knowledge, after reading this book, for general purposes or in any relevant programming project. Programmers would be able enough to get hands-on interesting projects or any programming task assigned by teachers, using the key concepts of modern programming techniques.