Download SuperSU v2.82.20 (Latest Version) Free

The SuperSU tool lets you root Android devices easily. It’s an application that will help you to root your phone with an easy process. We have compressed the SuperSU tool into one file. Here you can download the latest version of SuperSU Tool completely free.

Download SuperSU v2.82.20 Free

File Name:

File size: 5.62 MB

Vertion: v2.82

File extension: .zip

File type: hightly compressed

Scan by VirusTotat: Clear

Readme before leaving:

  1. Use the latest version of SuperSU. The older version might have errors. At this stage, SuperSU v282.20 is the latest version. But newer versions also coming soon. So you should check again to download the latest version.
  2. You should always scan files before installing into your computer. We have checked SuperSU v2.82-20 file and it shows clean.
  3. Using SuperSU you can root your Android devices like Huawei Honor 9 LiteEnergizer Hardcase H550S, and others.
  4. Credit: The SuperSU application is created and distributed by Chainfire.

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